Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fixing Rex

[ 'A novelette, rather than a short story' ;-)
Or better, 'a script for a short film' ]

The crimson sky, the ever-morphing clouds, flocks flapping north, canoes scribing streaks... Though Lake Vembanad, so picturesque, with its soft undulations creating a million golden mirrors is an incarnation of immense beauty, today somehow I felt that its mocking me - and my creativity. It was 10 past 6, and twilight had already set in... days are not very long in Alleppey - well, for that matter, its the same almost all over south India - the (un?)privilage of being neighbours with the equator. And, I stood, as usual, with my cofee mug, against the huge glass panes of the 27th floor of Yanthra Robotics, overlooking the splendour of nature, at the east shore of the lake.

Friday, May 12, 2006

When the student is ready, the teacher appears...

Chinku was (in?)famous for his fear of water - take him to a pond, and u can see a budding sprinter - trick him to go near a lake, u'd starting rethinking the ability of human limbs to deliver escape velocity - tie him and take him to the sea, well make sure that u have the paramedics ready!!!

He was famous for one more thing - slumber! Once a drunk Jhonny ran the trimmer through his entire facial hair, and he didnt even flinch - hah, and he didnt even notice it till the next day noon, when he was getting ready for lunch !!!