Thursday, February 13, 2014

Defining a 'real' IT solution

Here's a day-to-day scenario to ponder: So, business wants a 'live health monitoring' of one of the products, and contacts IT for a solution. The product manager or someone from business side quickly drafts an email with "what they want" and shoots it off to the IT director. An architect or engineer is assigned to device a solution, and an email with a solution proposal goes back to business. A quick review is done if all requirements in the original email are met, funds are transferred, and the solution engineered and delivered.

Couple of months pass, and business wants the past couple of months' data from the live monitoring solution, but could not figure out how to get it from the system, and shoots off an email to IT on instructions. IT responds back informing that historic data isn't available in the 'live health monitoring' solution. Business is furious: "What!? The solution you provided does not capture historical data?" IT responds