Thursday, May 19, 2011

Highway robbers - now at Trivandrum!

Highway robbers (aka highwaymen) and their exploits have been (in)famous since time immemorial. Whether the way was through land or water, they had that their role in history, legends and folklore, and the lone travellers of the old never undervalued the importance of having their fingers wrapped around an object of defense - be a log of wood, or a blade of steel. The subject popped back into my attention today, when I heard the account of a colleague’s close bump with the kind, here at Trivandrum!

It happened yesterday night. He was driving back from Kovalam along the NH47 bypass, and heard the vrooming sound of a motorbike at his tail. The phenomenon not being an uncommon one, he at first chose to ignore the reckless rider who probably was just trying to chase a fast car for the thrill. But then, suddenly the motorbike overtook the car, and the pillion rider started throwing eggs on the windshield.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Forget-me-not"s for your mobile apps

There’s a rising tsunami out there – in the number of mobile application developers. With mobile platforms getting more and more feature rich and powerful each release, with smartphones penetrating the market deeper and deeper, even conservative desktop and mainframe application developers have started rolling up their sleeves – some for the fun, some for the bucks!

Now, while shifting from a desktop app development world to a mobile app development world, there is baggage one drags along. While a wealth of hand-on development experience helps one to ease the learning curve, there are still items left to pick up, to do a great job with the hand-helds.