Friday, December 7, 2007

A monsoon to haunt!

The dark sky pelleted again; this time with heavier drops.
The waiter peeped out of the veranda door and called out, "Sir, you might want to move inside - you'll get wet".
I smiled and waved him off "Its okay, I'm enjoying it".
"Fine, sir", he smiled and disappeared.

It was half past six on a Friday evening, and I sat there at the Coffee beanz veranda atop Bhavani, watching the soft steam whirling away from my hot cup of Mocha beans.

The view from here is awesome, especially on a clear day! The roof-top of Bhavani, which itself is on a hill, is like 250 feet above sea level. What do you need to relax after a tough day at work..? I'll say, all you need is this lush green coconut tree canopy spread around, melting into the million crimson mirrors of Arabian sea; the sweet air of coastal Kerala gently caressing your hair; the calm distant blue-green mountains of the Western Ghats... and of course, a hot cup of mocha and a musical backdrop of Ray Charles or Norah Jones.