Saturday, August 30, 2008

"On the move" blogging

Okay, now this might sound a bit like a technical boohoo, or like the confessions of a bloody technocrat a geek; but here I go... cant resist the temptation of just blabbering it out :-)

As I "write" this directly on to, I'm cruising in a super fast "national rail" train to "Newcastle" in northern England, a place just below Scotland (to meet my cousine brother and his family). I started at 6 am from Ipswich, (South-east England); time is now 8:40 am, and I still have over another hour to reach my destination.

Gone are those days when train journeys used to be unproductive... Here I sit with my "HTC touch diamond" Pocket PC running windows mobile 6.1 (which also, by the way, serves as my mobile phone). Connected to the train's wireless internet, I'm browsing the net, scribbling emails using the stylus directly on to the touch screen which dynamically recognizes my handwriting and transcribes it into ASCII text...

I sit finishing off my spreadsheets and word documents and viewing pending powerpoint presentations using the installed MS office 2007 mobile suite! Entering text is a breeze with the transcriber, those days are already memory, when touch screens used to recognize scrits only character by character!

I check where my journey has reached, using the google maps application, zooming to the rail lines of England's map. I turn on the inbuilt GPS system, and a blue dot blinks to life, moving up north along the rail, indicating where I am, realtime! I switch to satellite-view mode, and the screen shows the beautiful green landscape through which the rail line runs like a vein! In the near future, probably I might even be able to see the train streaking along the vast green!

Phew!!! I remember the days of childhood - the early 80s, when I learned the alphabets on "slate"!!! How much has technology changed in a mere less than three decades! And I wonder, how much would it change in the next three... So much it may, that I might write once, about a younger generation "pocket pc" that I had in the 2000s!

Here I submit my first ever post "written" (literally!) entirely using a stylus on a palm-top device.


  1. Tedy bear, Welcome to the new era - its a "gift" from God. That's why its called the "present" :)

    Hope you didn't miss your station looking into your pocket PC :P

  2. Aneeshji / അനീഷ്ജിSeptember 3, 2008 at 5:40 AM

    :) tedka... in some time... i am sure you would blog this in an iPhone 3G, read other blogs & books in an Amazon Kindle, may be upgrade to an Android phone in another month.... and still feel i don't have the latest technology with me...

  3. Ok one of those days where you can literally be on a live meeting and an audio and then read a blog written by an HTC obsessed geek .So the GPS dot has now moved a little further out of the HTC and asks a password to get back in to HTC......
    Technolgy goes out of fashion very soon so does the taste of people......

  4. Hey tedka.. good going. reading your blogs after a long time.