Sunday, October 26, 2008

5 addictions of life

Alright, been long since I'd been consumed heavily by work; and my good little friend Cris has nudged me, with a rather loud "Oy! wake up!" :-)

:-) thanks, Cris... for the nudge... and more than that, for caring to...

Well, okay, the tag is to list 5 addictions of life... and here I go...

1. Family chat: Talk to my entire family at least once a day, where ever on the globe I am; an addiction since around 2003; gets all jittery if not done - really, can't sleep :-))

2. Undulations of craziness: Need a change of seasons along with the nature, and each season has its own tinge of madness - sometimes work itself... sometimes art... sometimes health... sometimes literature... sometimes music... They all come and go in a rhythm, to return again; I'll go crazy if they don't i.e., if they don't undulate - and that undulation itself has become the addiction!

3. A little discipline: Hates over-sleeping, sleeping during the day, being late, breaking promises, not washing the dishes you soiled, and not cleaning up the mess you created.

4. Pizza: A true addiction - can eat it for all three meals, and even for snacks :-)) Although an Italian item, my choice is the Americanized version, specifically the thick-crust ones from Papa Johns & Dominos, and that too, the ones they make in the USA (yeah, I don't really like the ones they sell elsewhere in the world - believe me; however justified, it tastes different)

5. Ice cream: Vanilla, with a tinge of chocolate in it. Yup, can keep on eating dawn till dusk! :-) Prefers Cornetto cones and Magnum sticks for their taste and convenience :-) Oh no no, I'm not an brand ambassador of Unilever's heartbrand :-))

Now, I'm passing on the tag to five of my pals; you're tagged, guyz: :-)

1. Nithin
2. Aneeshji
3. Alco
4. Vini
5. Sreenath



  1. good little friend :-)October 27, 2008 at 11:57 AM

    Thanks for doing the tag Tedy :-). Hmm you forgot my first tag, you can use that for your next come back season. By the way I think you should have listed that too here - "Bear-resemblance: having the first name of a particular bear, I like taking every 6 months off for indefinite hibernations at work"

  2. WOW! Long time...I mean...really long....long time, eh?

    LOL! A Little Discipline??? I can nvr cope with that...I am addicted to the opp. I guess :P

    I am addicted to ice-creams, chocolates and pizzas too !!!

  3. Aneeshji / അനീഷ്ജിNovember 16, 2008 at 3:47 AM

    What is the new madness (season) which is on Kanjirathinkal's head..

    Me... too busy with work (or may be too lazy to type up a blog)...

  4. Aneeshji / അനീഷ്ജിDecember 13, 2008 at 2:11 AM

    Finally I did it buddy :)

    responded to your tag